Sigma Nu Fraternity

Love • Honor • Truth​

So Why Sigma Nu?

          There is no quick or easy answer to this question.

          Sigma Nu is not the oldest, largest, nor the wealthiest fraternity. One must look for a further answer. Could it be that Sigma Nu’s major dimension is its steadfastness of purpose over more than a century and a half?

          That purpose, as we have stated, is to help develop better men, ethical leaders. How? By striving to develop in each member a high sense of Honor, by finding and using practical applications of the Honor ideal. The Fraternity’s real program is Honor in Action.

          This emphasis has scant appeal to boys, but to men it is a real challenge. The founders of Sigma Nu were themselves men, not boys. Their fraternal heritage is for the mature. Sigma Nu, then, is for responsible college men who are challenged sufficiently to earn their place in the Legion of Honor. Thus, to become Honorable Men.

          This means, among other things, that there is no place in Sigma Nu for hazing or other adolescent behavior. That’s kid stuff. Sigma Nu is a fraternity for men who are willing to make a lifelong commitment to “govern each act by a high sense of Honor.” That’s too much to ask or expect from kids.

          And there is another reason why Sigma Nu appeals especially to the mature. Only the mature can afford sentiment, and Sigma Nu is for those who care about others, their Brothers. It goes beyond family and friends to encompass a regard for, and a loyalty to, an even larger slice of mankind. This in turn opens the door to understanding the ideal toward which the world gropes a true Brotherhood among all men.

          Why Sigma Nu? There are as many answers as there are Knights in the Legion of Honor, nearly 230,000 of them today. But there is also an all important common denominator: “I like the guys...."

           Most start out in life with some built-in assurance at home, the affection of parents, biological brothers and sisters, and grandparents. The mutual respect engendered by the give-and-take of the daily round with family and friends, school and community associations, fosters individual growth and development as well.

          But when they leave home for college, they have important personaI choices to make, many of them. Fraternity may be one of them.

          Let it be said that all fraternities are good, but each is not equally good for all considering them. 

          Sigma Nu is for men of principle, those who truly believe in the Principle of Brotherhood, in the Principle of Honor, in the Principle of Service; those who choose to become and remain ethical leaders for the rest of their lives. Not everyone wants to be that way. Not everyone will. Only those who do are the ones for Sigma Nu.